MSP Series Cone Crusher

Our flagship MSP Series Cone Crusher is equipped with the most advanced hydraulic control system for simple operation and less manpower.

Minyu MSP Series Cone Crusher


  • High capacity product with perfect shape and even sizing.
  • Stress relieved frame: Heavy duty reinforcements are installed at high stress points.
  • Hydraulic Adjustment to aid in quick Cone Crusher setting changes.
  • Hydraulic clearing is standard on SP Cone Crushers with release cylinders to shorten the down time.
  • NO filling in the concave to be replaced quickly and expediently.
  • Automatic overload protection: If overloaded, the crusher can be restored automatically to keep the discharge opening and steady productive quality.
  • SP Cone Crushers have a high capacity, external mounted lubrication pump, oil tank, oil filtering system, high oil temperature shut-down, low oil flow shut downs and an oil flow gauge. A heat exchanger is also available.
  • Higher eccentric height for bigger crushing ratio and higher crushing efficiency.
  • Concave locked to top cell from above, stable fixation, easy exchange.
  • Higher rotation speed up to 800 rpm for higher capacity.
  • Increased height of mantle & concave for more crushing efficiency.
  • Increased stroke at the feed opening for higher crushing ratio and more throughput.
  • Strong & tidy main frame, crusher sheave with high power transmission rate, for longer service life of the drive device.


Model No.Size (in) / TypeMax Feed Opening (in/mm)Min Discharge Opening (in/mm)Motor Power HP (kW)Weight lbs (kg)
MSP100(C)36 / coarse liner5 in / 135mm5/8 in / 16mm100-150 (75-112)14,960 (6,800)
MSP100(F)36 / fine liner4 in / 105mm5/8 in / 16mm100-150 (75-112)14,960 (6,800)
MSP200(C)42 / coarse liner7 in / 185mm3/4 in / 19mm150-200 (110-150)26,400 (12,000)
MSP200(F)42 / fine liner6 in / 145mm2/3 in / 17mm150-200 (110-150)26,400 (12,000)
MSP200(S)42 /short head liner2 3/4 in / 70mm1/2 in / 13mm150-200 (110-150)26,400 (12,000)
MSP300(C)48 / coarse liner8 1/2 in / 210mm4/5 in / 22mm250-300 (180-225)41,140 (18,700)
MSP300(F)48 / fine liner7 in / 185mm3/4 in / 19mm250-300 (180-225)41,140 (18,700)
MSP300(S)48 / short head liner3 1/2 in / 90mm5/8 in / 16mm250-300 (180-225)41,140 (18,700)
MSP400(C)53 / coarse liner11 1/2 in / 290mm5/8 in / 16mm300-400 (220-300)62,480 (28,400)
MSP400(F)53 / fine liner8 1/2 in / 210mm4/5 in / 22mm300-400 (220-300)62,480 (28,400)
MSP400(S)53 / short head liner4 1/2 in / 110mm5/8 in / 16mm300-400 (220-300)62,480 (28,400)


Model No.Capacity at closed side discharge opening size in (mm)
1/2 (13)5/8 (16)3/4 (19)7/8 (22)1 (25)1 1/4 (32)1 1/2 (38)1 3/4 (45)2 (51)

Capacity based on continuous regulated feed of clean, dry limestone of normal hardness with a bulk density of 1.6 ton/m3. Capacity may vary +/- 25% with the size and nature of the rock and the working conditions of the plant.

Approx. Dimension

MSP Cone Crusher from Minyu: Dimensions

Model No.Dimensions
MSP10010 in / 264mm44 in / 1119mm42 in / 1060mm57 in / 1450mm63 in / 1610mm105 in / 2667mm
MSP20017 in / 423mm57 in / 1445mm50 in / 1255mm71 in / 1808mm82 in / 2075mm116 in / 2945mm
MSP30016 in / 403mm62 in / 1583mm58 in / 1471mm84 in / 2126mm95 in / 2407mm128 in / 3252mm
MSP40019 in / 477mm70 in / 1770mm68 in / 1717mm99 in / 2505mm109 in / 2780mm147 in / 3727mm

The parameters above are for reference only.

Profile Construction

MSP Cone Crusher from Minyu: Profile Construction View

Size Distribution

Accumulated Pass (%)
Sieve Size13mm16mm19mm22mm25mm32mm38mm45mm51mm

Straightforward Design, Rugged Construction, Reliable Customer Service.

Minyu Cone Crushers are Ideal for Most Crushing Operations.

For the most efficient and economical production, a wide range of Minyu Cone Crusher models is available for you to choose from. Minyu Cone Crushers are proven to be one of the most well balanced cone crushers in the world. As a professional cone crusher manufacturer and supplier, we also offer Customized Crushers, Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers, Crushing Plant Design, Portable Crushers, and more.

Usually, a cone crusher is installed in a crushing circuit as a secondary crusher. Pre-crushed material fed in via the top of the cone crusher flows over the mantle while the vertical cone crusher drive shaft rotates the mantle. The mantle performs eccentric movements under the concave (also called bowl liner), so squeezing & crushing the material between the cone crusher mantle and concave. In general, a cone crusher runs on V-belts driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. Extensive application of Cone crusher in aggregate and mineral processing industries.

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